De route door Marokko

In Marokko kan je kiezen tussen twee routes, de rode of de gele. De gele route gaat via Fes door het Atlas gebergte, en is moeilijker maar wel mooier dan de rode route. Ons voornemen is om de gele route te nemen. Je bent een avonturier of niet....


Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh...just the names of these cities stir a hint of spice in the nostrils. Morocco has been thoroughly mythologised, and for good reason. Travellers extol the country's unique living history, its shimmering light and its extraordinary art.
Morocco is the ideal starting point for the traveller to Africa. An easy hop from Europe, it is hectic but also friendly and stimulating. Open-air markets throughout the country are piled high with rugs, woodwork, jewellery and leather - said to be the softest in the world.


Travellers to Morocco should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations. Those planning to travel through the disputed territory of Western Sahara should note that armed clashes between the Polisano Front and Moroccan authorities are a possibility. Many areas of the Western Sahara are mined.

Bron: Lonely Planet

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