De route door Senegal

Tropical Senegal is lauded for beauties both natural and urbane. From its suave capital, Dakar - many travellers' favourite amongst the larger African cities - to its entourage of internationally known musicians, Senegal brings in more visitors than any other country in the region.

Much of its lands are lush and vital, especially when compared to the deserts that surround it. Many of its visitors are package tourists soaking up the sunshine in upscale hotels, but the best of Senegal - a good wander through its streets and plains - is free.


The Casamance region is affected by armed conflict brought about by separatist rebel groups and bandits. Travellers are not targets but can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Petty theft is a common irritant in central Dakar.

Rebel activity has moved from southern to northern Casamance. Provided that commonsense and caution are exercised when travelling through the region, travel should be uneventful, but it's best to keep as well-informed of the latest events as possible.

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