De route door Gambia naar ons einddoel

Gambia is a sliver in the side of Africa, one of its tiniest countries, but its attractions are just as bright as any in the region. Its capital city, Banjul, is a uniquely African experience, with a streetside culture that chases away the holiday daze of glitzier cities.

And for an even more 'traditional' outlook, a quick trip upriver brings you into the Gambian heartland, where the colourful buzz of weekly markets vies with boat trips through mangrove creeks and bike jaunts to mud-hut villages for your attention.

Although Gambia is largely defined by its natural features - from the Gambia River, which runs the length of the country, to the golden beaches of its Atlantic coast resorts - the country's greatest draw lies in its people, their culture and the amiable atmosphere of daily life. Whether you're making conversation at a kerbside coffee stall or shouting yourself hoarse at a weekend wrestling match, you're sure to come away with as warm a feeling for Gambians as they tend to show to travellers.

Bron: Lonely Planet



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